Get Toned Arms in Time For Your Wedding With These 5 Simple Moves



When we talk to brides-to-be about their pre-wedding fitness routines, more often than not we hear that toned arms are a top priority. And it makes sense: No matter what style of dress you’ll be wearing on your wedding day, there’s a pretty good chance that your arms will be on display, and while the hand-on-hip pose may have worked for you in the past, it’s certainly not the look you’ll want to be going for in all of your wedding-day photos.

If you’re in need of a few arm-sculpting sequences to add to your repertoire, then you’re probably going to join us in going home this evening to give these five moves a whirl: They come straight from Sofia Vergara’s trainer Anna Kaiser, and as we’re guessing you know by now, Ms. Vergara herself just so happens to be a bride-to-be.

Whether you complete the quick circuit at home or in the gym, you’ll be well on your way to sleek and toned arms in time for your wedding.

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