10 Exercises to Do Depending On the Style of Your Wedding Dress 



I was in some sort of Interwebs rabbit hole recently, and I’m so glad I was, because I stumbled upon this Cosmo post that broke down 10 different style of dresses, and then, for each, detailed an exercise to do that would target the body part really being shown off in that particular style.

It’s so great! They specify the dresses they give as examples as bridesmaid dresses, so by all means, include this link in the email when you announce your declared dress of choice to your girls—but the same advice totally works for wedding dresses, too. Just choose the neckline or silhouette that applies to you—from a deep V neck or low back to strapless or one-shouldered—and do a few reps of the recommended move every night before you go to sleep. (Because bonus: They can each be done in your home; no gym needed.)

Check out the links below, too, for more advice on targeting specific body parts that will be in the spotlight on your Big Day.

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