This Couple Made a Drunk History Video About How They Met, Then Showed it at Their Wedding

As far as entertaining wedding videos go, this one is in a category all its own: Wedding guests are always eager to know how the bride and groom first met, so instead of having to repeat themselves a thousand times, newlyweds Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins decided they would go all Comedy Central on their wedding guests by telling their how-we-met story on camera—after getting completely bombed—and then show the video to everyone at their rehearsal dinner.

We can only imagine how the crowd reacted after watching their very own Drunk History. (Warning: Unless your office neighbors are okay with 12-minutes of f-bombs, we highly suggest you watch this video with your headphones in.)

Funny, huh? Personally, I can’t watch it with a straight face because Willman is the goofy, overly energetic host of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, and find seeing him in this form is very strange—but I still gotta give ’em points for creativity. (And hilarity.)

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