Study: If You Want to Stay Married, Stop Fighting About Money



Whenever we write a post about the most common issues that couples fight about—whether it’s while you’re planning your wedding or afterwards, in real, post-wedding life—money, more often than not, tops the list. Finances are a touchy topic for most, and for newlyweds who are combining bank accounts and figuring out how to finance their new life together, it can be especially challenging.

But considering that time and time again, research and studies show that money is consistently the top reason for in-fighting among spouses, you’d be wise to sit down and discuss your financial situation before walking down the aisle. The latest one—out of Kansas State University—which broke down data from 4,500 couples as part of the National Survey of Families and Households, confirmed yet again that how much a couple fights about money is a high predictor of divorce. The results also found that it didn’t even matter who made what or who came from what concerning wealth and finances, because arguments about finances can happen at whatever economic level you’re at.

So, we know, it’s not the most romantic or fun thing to talk about, but since money disputes often last longer and take more time to recover from, you’re better off hashing things out from the get-go, before issues arise.

Not sure how to begin the conversation? Start with these tips from local financial planner Beth D’Andrea to get the two of you started on on the same financial page.

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