PW Reader Ring: Caiti & James!

Caiti's ring!

Caiti’s ring!

The couple: Caiti Becker and James Ferguson, from West Chester.

The ring: My ring has one round diamond with a halo of small diamonds set in white gold, with diamonds that go around the top half of the band. I hinted a bit about the cut I wanted, and then James went on his own to Benari Jewelers. He picked the ring out himself, and it’s exactly what I wanted!

The proposal: I knew the proposal was coming sooner or later, because he told me in July the year prior that he wanted to propose before that day next year. Every time I had a day off as the day got closer this year, I would wait and it didn’t happen.

Then, on Mother’s Day weekend, my family was in town for what I thought was to celebrate my sister’s first Mother’s Day. Turns out James had picked that day months ago before realizing that it was a holiday, but it ended up making for a good cover up when I asked why they were coming!

That morning, my sister picked me up and handed me what would be my first clue on a scavenger hunt that sent me to various places where James and I had spent time. The first clue lead me to where I worked, and where he first asked me on a date. The second clue was a gift card to Starbucks to get me the coffee I’d need to get on with my day. The third clue came from my Mom, who met us at Starbucks, to go to the King of Prussia Mall, where James and I had gone shopping and eaten at the Cheesecake Factory on our first date.

My cousin was waiting for me there with my next clue, which was to get Mother’s Day pedicures with my family. After the pedicures, my next clue included $100 to go buy an outfit for later on that night. I bought an outfit, and we rushed to the car where my last clue was waiting: I had to be blindfolded, and driven to the final place of the hunt.

When my blindfold was taken off by my Dad, James was waiting for me in my backyard to pop the question with our family and friends watching. It was the most perfect day of my life.

The band: I want something simple to pair with the engagement ring. I would love a thin band with a single row of diamonds around it to match the band in the engagement ring. Then maybe one day for an anniversary, I’d love to get a very intricate, antique band to go with the antique look of my engagement ring.

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