Survey Says: Most People Prefer a Private Marriage Proposal



For as many elaborate, meticulously planned and public proposals we feature here on the blog, we’ve always been partial to the more intimate ones, where the couple can enjoy the moment together without a crowd of onlookers. (Plus, this cringeworthy rejection is reason enough to think twice before putting on a huge production.)

And as it turns out, most people feel the same way: From a survey of 400 newly-engaged and newly-married individuals, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin discovered that 69 percent of people prefer a private proposal with just the two of them there, as opposed to a public proposal or a semi-private one with friends and family in attendance.

That tidbit of information is part of a larger set of data that found that most people’s ideal proposal is significantly more romantic than their actual proposal. The survey looked at ideal vs. actual proposal locations (by the water, at home or at a restaurant were the most common) and who knew about the proposal in advance, among other factors.

See all of the findings here.

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