And Here Is a Public Proposal In Which the Girl Says No (and the Guy Is Out $82K)

Photo via Weibo

Photo via Weibo

No word on which of these five reasons this chick had for saying thanks but no thanks to her boyfriend’s proposal, but say no she did when he asked her to marry him—and in front of a crowd of friends and onlookers, no less. (Which: Haven’t you always wondered if the girl ever says no with these grand, public proposals? You know you have. Also: poor guy. Oof.)

And to make it even worse, for reasons that do not seem to have been made clear in the reporting of this unusual scene, this dude—whose sad story unfolded in China—bought 99 iPhones and arranged them in the shape of a heart in order to ask his lady to marry him. (We’d love to know how he asked her to join him in the middle of said heart, where he did the actual proposing.)

Kick-when-he’s-down number one: These iPhones cost him about $82,000, supposedly about two year’s worth of his salary. (So what, we wonder, did the ring look like? Because dude, $82K buys a nice diamond. We’re concerned that these funds may have been misappropriated.)

Kick-when-he’s-down number two: This happened on China’s “Singles’ Day,” which is technically when single people are supposed to celebrate their singledom (it’s become the largest online shopping day in the world), but has apparently actually become a day when many people make moves towards trying to find love.

Here’s hoping he kept his receipts for both the phones—and the ring.

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