Here Are the Top 5 Reasons That Marriage Proposals Get Rejected



You may have said yes, dear reader (or, you know, popped the question to someone who said yes or are hoping to someday soon say yes, or what have you), but as we know, not everyone who finds someone before them on bended knee, diamond ring in hand, does. And today we have a little insight—weird, eyebrow-raising insight—as to why some answer with a “Thanks, but no thanks.”

VoucherCloud recently conducted a survey in which they polled 2,144 over the age of 21 who had a proposal rejection in their personal history and asked them why they said no. This is what they found out (cue the Whaaa?):

  • 67 percent said it was because of the proposal’s unromantic setting
  • 53 percent said it was a bad ring
  • 51 percent said the proposal was badly worded
  • 39 percent said it was a lack of trust in the relationship
  • 36 percent said they were afraid of the commitment

And wait, there’s more:

  • 39 percent of these no-sayers declared their ‘no’s in front of an audience. (The average was of about 35 people. Gulp.)
  • 89 percent said that why yes, they did break up after the rejection. (SHOCKER.)
  • 74 percent of the people who dismissed their proposals because of complaints with the question-popping itself rather than, you know, the substance of their relationship, confirmed that yes, if their person had shelled out a little more coin to propose, the answer would have most likely been different. (What?)

I mean, I think that most of us would assume that there is some sort of an ‘If A, then B’ scenario going on here in that if the actual, physical setting and whatnot of a proposal is enough to sink these peoples’ ships, that there is perhaps a more significant, albeit potentially buried-deep-down, reason to say no?

But who even knows anymore? Maybe a princess-cut diamond smashing their emerald-cut dreams was enough to walk away. These things are not for us to question. Only to report.

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