4 Important Tax Tips All Newlyweds Should Know



Tax season is upon us, and whether you’re married now or will have a spouse by next year’s ever-looming April 15, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind before filing. Taxes are, after all, just a little different once you’ve got that ring on your finger!

We think this handy little list that Lover.ly put together to help you navigate these new waters of paper work is great—it’s got all your need-to-know tips for newlyweds who are either filing their taxes this month (read: a week from today!) or who will be preparing them jointly for the first time a year from now.

From confirming that the name and social security number on your tax return is on record with both the Social Security Administration and your employer—to joint filings and setting up a spousal IRA, the major details you need to know are all right here.

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