Ask the Expert: A Check We Received As a Wedding Gift Bounced. What Do We Do?




Question: When my husband and I went to deposit the generous checks given to us by some guests as gifts, one of them bounced. We feel so awkward! How should we handle this with the guest?

Answer: The awkward ball is actually in their court on this one, says Gina Sole of Philly’s InStyle Planners. “The person who wrote the check will be notified by their bank, so you don’t have to do the dirty work,” she says. “And it’s certainly best to spare your guest any extra embarrassment and not even mention it, anyway.”

So, just sit tight for a little and see if they get in touch. “It’s up to your guest to make good on it,” says Sole. “If you don’t hear from them, just graciously consider it a loss and don’t mention it. Send a thank-you note, though, and thank them anyway! Even if it is just for coming to your wedding.”

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