Preston & Steve Are At It Again—This Time With a ‘Wedding Wakeup Call’!



If you recall, right around Thanksgiving, I barged into the bedroom of one unsuspecting lady before the sun had fully risen—along with the crew from WMMR’s Preston & Steve morning show—in order to witness her boyfriend propose to her. In her bed. Before she could even put on a bra.

Well, the guys are doing it again, but this time they’re upping the ante just a bit—by throwing in both the wedding and the honeymoon! Which, by the way, will all take place that day. (Yep.) Here’s the deal:

  • Just like with the Engagement Wakeup Call, the day will begin with the winning groom scaring the crap out of waking up his bride-to-be very early in the morning (see aforementioned bed/no-bra situation) with a surprise proposal.
  • Assuming she accepts his proposal and does not punch him out, the couple will then continue on to the WMMR studios, where they will get hitched, and then party with up to 20 of their nearest and dearest.
  • When the reception is all wrapped up, they will whisk you down to the airport where you will hop a flight to Florida, and spend three nights at the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach, courtesy of Visit Florida.
  • To add to this rather full day, the contest winners will also receive:

The deadline to enter is Thursday morning, February 5th at 10am; you’ve got to be 21 to enter; they ask that the would-be groom has a person or people in mind who can help the bridal salon pick out her dress and his bride pack for the honeymoon—and emphasize and this has got to be a surprise for the lady getting proposed to (read: you can’t scheme to score this together). The winner will head down to Steven Singer on the 6th, and this will all go down on Friday, February 13th.

We’d also like to back up Preston & Steve’s insistence that anyone entering this contest know for sure that their potential spouse-to-be would definitely be into this. Oh the horror if she wasn’t. (Shudder.)

Read all the rules and enter here. And good luck! We will certainly be waiting excitedly to see how this all plays out.

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