Keep an Eye Out Because Christmas Eve Is the Most Popular Day for Proposals



When 7,000 people were asked various questions about proposals, one common thread pretty obviously emerged: 32 percent of those surveyed said they thought that Christmas Eve was the best day of the year to propose.

British event agency Chillisauce conducted their survey across the country, and found that the night before Christmas beat out all other holidays when people were asked what the best day of the year was for proposing. (Valentine’s Day came in second, followed by actual Christmas day; no one, apparently, cares about New Years.)

There were some other interesting findings, too:

  • 51 percent of women agree that just a good, simple “Will you marry me?” is the way to go with a proposal.
  • If faced with a tech-based proposal, 40 percent of women said they’d prefer social media. (You know, like what this guy did.) (On another note, the text examples? No.)
  • Men really don’t want women to pop the question.
  • 17 percent of the men surveyed said they had proposed five times or more in their lives. (WHAT. Seriously. What?)
  • 53 percent said the best way to say no to a proposal would be to just, you know, say no. (Other options: Scream; cry and apologize; say maybe and then vanish forever; accept and then later say just kidding never mind.)

To read it all, go here. And hey, all you not-quite-yet-engaged readers: Keep an eye out next week. You never know what’s inside that box.

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