We’re Not So Sure How We Feel About the Term “Engagement Season”

Apparently, we are right now in "engagement season."

Apparently, we are right now in “engagement season.”

Are these girls old enough to get married? Are they old enough to drink? Or maybe even vote? Is that one engaged girl wearing pajamas? Why? No seriously, why are they so young? This must be in the South. The oldest girl looking for a dress on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta is, like, 23. 

These were the first few seconds of my inner monologue when I first saw this picture—which was posted to Reddit over the weekend and has now been seen basically everywhere there is Internet. Somehow, though, I didn’t even realize that everywhere it was showing up, people were using the phrase “engagement season.” Must have glossed over that. Which I was able to do, I think, because it’s not really a phrase that rings any bells to me.

That’s why I paused to read this post on Jezebel about it—and I guess they’re right, it is starting to become a thing. I mean, I absolutely knew that right now, during the holiday season, is when a ton of engagements happen—and not just because I’m a bridal editor; just because I am female and alive. But I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it referred to that way. Like the post says, even Jos. A Bank is referring to this period of time as engagement season? Whaa? Ok then, I guess it is a thing.

I can’t say I’m a fan of this label. Even if proposing around the holidays isn’t, I guess, original, for lack of a better word, people do it because it really, truly is such a lovely time of year to do it. I actually lovelovelove holiday-season proposals, personally. But I just kinda feel like slapping this stamp on the whole concept—which will undoubtedly result in advertising campaigns shoving the whole concept down our throats—just cheapens it a bit.

Ah well. When people use the phrase “wedding season,” I always say I’m not quite sure what they mean. It used to mean summer—June, specifically, I feel like; ah, a June bride! people in my mother’s generation would say—but these days, fall is huge. Holiday weddings are huge. Summer weddings, yes, still are huge. Maybe the idea of the “engagement season” will fade away sometime, too.

Hopefully soon. Because marketing label or not, holiday proposals really are awesome. Just not to the red-vested chick reluctantly bookending this little photo sesh, here.

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