Ask the Expert: Is it Ever Too Late to Send a Wedding Gift?



Question: My friend got married during a time when I was insanely busy and stressed, and I am just now realizing that I don’t think I ever sent them a gift—and the wedding was nearly a year ago.

How much did I miss the standard time frame for sending a gift? Is it ever too late, and at what point would be weirder/ruder to send one?

Answer: When it comes to forgotten wedding gifts, it’s always better late than never, says Susan Norcross of The Styled Bride. The rule of thumb, she says, is that you have a year after the wedding to give a gift, but if that deadline has already passed, “Just be honest and send a card that lets them know you missed the boat on this.”

If it has truly been a year since your friend’s Big Day, Norcross suggests referencing your late present as both a wedding and anniversary gift: “Send something fun and thoughtful such as dinner for two at the place they had their wedding or rehearsal dinner, and include a note that says you hope they celebrate together all over again.”

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