8 Tips for Newlyweds on How to Split Up the Holidays

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How did you and your new spouse decide where you’d celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday? Was it a painful process, or did you two exhibit flawless teamwork and compromising skills with your first married holiday out of the gate?

The holidays are undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the year, but for newlyweds (or couples of any sort, for that matter), deciding where and with whom to celebrate each occasion can easily put a damper on the festivities: If one family gets Thanksgiving, does the other get automatic dibs on Christmas? Should you have dinner at one house and dessert at the other so that no one misses out, or is it better to stay put for the whole day and just alternate years? Are both of your mothers going to guilt-trip you for the rest of the year no matter what you decide, so you might as well just stay in bed for the whole of the holiday season?

Figuring out your plans for all of these special days can get real complicated, real fast, which is why we suggest you take a look at these super helpful tips for negotiating the holidays with your new spouse and your now-conjoined families. From communicating with your partner about your family’s traditions and priorities to hosting the holidays yourself, these tips will help you keep the peace throughout the entire process.

You’ve got Thanksgiving under your belt—hopefully this guide will help you sail through the rest of the season with ease (and less guilt trips).

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