Let’s Play Spot Kerry Washington’s Real-Life Wedding Ring In an Episode of ‘Scandal’



Olivia Pope, queen of ABC’s most addictive hour of television, isn’t married—but thanks to Kerry Washington, the beyond gorgeous actress (seriously, is she even real?) who plays her on Thursday nights’ Scandal, she at least appeared to be in one mystery episode.

Apparently, Washington once accidentally left her wedding ring on (she’s married to former Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha) while filming an episode of the hit show—she told People she usually just pins the ring somewhere on her when she’s filming, since she can’t have it on her finger—though she’s not telling which one!

She says the slip-up occurred only once—we’re guessing it’d be in this season, though, since she’s only been married since late June of 2013—and challenged viewers to find it. Looks like a lot of avid Scandal viewers are going to be hitting that playback button on the DVR, because if you’re anything like us, now you’ve just got to know which one it is. (So seriously, tell us if you find it.)

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