This New App Feature Lets You Virtually Try Engagement Rings On Your Actual Hand 

Blue Nile's Dream Box

The Dream Box feature on Blue Nile’s app now allows users to upload a photo of their hand, and “try on” engagement rings.

Online jewelry retailer Blue Nile has just come up with a way to help you dream about diamonds even more than you already do: They just tweaked the Dream Box feature on their mobile app to allow you to virtually try engagement rings on your very own hand.

We’ve seen features before that allow users to “see” rings on a hand, before—Tiffany’s website allows you to adjust the model’s skin tone so that it’s as close to yours as possible—but this feature has you upload an actual picture of your hand, plop a ring down onto it, and then sit there for-basically-0ver, shaking your phone to see what else might look fab on you. (Shaking your phone—literally or just by hitting the shake button—drops a new ring onto your hand.) You can get an idea of how this works from the pictures above, which feature PW photo director Jess Webster‘s hand, as her mani is in much lovelier condition than mine.

If you love something that you see, obviously, a screen shot headed in the direction of a certain special someone might just be in order—but it’s also a great way to get an idea of just the sort of ring you might like—cut of the diamond, type of metal, side stones or no side stones, etc., etc.—from the comfort of your couch before you even head into a store. Seems like a pretty good way to spend the afternoon, right?

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