Buzzfeed Perfectly Captures the Magic That Instagram Lends to Ordinary Wedding Moments 

A shot from our very own Instagram account/@philawedding.

A shot from our very own Instagram account/@philawedding.

And now, for your Friday-afternoon laugh, ladies and gentlemen (because let’s be honest—you’ve turned off your brain at this point, haven’t you?), we would like to present to you our latest wedding find on Buzzfeed that is not only highly entertaining, it also hits the nail square on the head.

It is their breakdown of “weddings on Instagram vs. weddings in real life,” and all we have to say is yes. I mean, certainly there are many times when you a beautiful detail’s depiction on Instagram is a true reflection on its loveliness, for sure—but don’t you ever look back at shots from a wedding and marvel at how Valencia totally doesn’t show how drunk and sweaty you are?

We feel quite sure the answer is yes, and it is because of that that we know you will enjoy it as much as we did. (And while we’re thinking about it, maybe go ahead and decide what your wedding’s hashtag will be right now. Reminds on all of that business below.)

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