Take This Quiz To Find Out What Style Of Wedding Dress You Should Wear



The majority of brides approach the hunt for their wedding dress in one of two ways: they either dive in head first having done a ton of research and with a clear idea of what they want, or or they arrive at the bridal shop completely open-minded and are ready to try on any and all gowns in sight.

We’re of the mindset that a a few magazine tears and photos for inspiration never hurt anyone—plus, if you go to your dress appointment with even just the slightest inkling as to the styles you like, you’re less likely to waste precious time on gowns that, let’s face it, you’d never walk down the aisle in.

To jump start your search for the Dress, we suggest you have a go at this fun little quiz which will guide you toward the sort of wedding dress you should be wearing. My result: An all-lace dress, which, we have to say, is right up my alley. See if it gets yours right, too.

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