Take This Quiz to Figure Out What Style Engagement Ring Is Perfect for You



If you have been on Facebook for as much as four minutes in the past two weeks, you will already know that Buzzfeed has been on quizzes lately like whoa.

I mean, I personally have determined just over the course of the past few days that I am very much like Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham and that apparently, I would be well-suited to a life in New York.

Well now, they have put together a quiz that determines, dear not-quite-betrothed reader (we know you’re out there reading this!) or engaged-but-not-yet-be-jeweled bride, the style of engagement ring that would be just perfect for you. (Via a series of questions that involves—as my colleague Liz so astutely pointed out over on Philly mag’s real estate blog, Property—multiple questions involving Beyonce, because obviously, no matter what topic you are trying to sort through, Beyonce can help you do it.)

So here, take the quiz to determine what style of engagement ring is perfect for you. Does it reflect what you actually want? Or what’s already on your finger?

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