Quiz: Should You Really Be Living in Philadelphia? Or, Like, Conshohocken?

Screen shot from Buzz Feed's quiz.

Screen shot from Buzz Feed’s quiz.

Buzz Feed has a quiz — with two Beyonce-related questions, interestingly — that reveals which city you truly belong in. Some possible answers: Paris, Barcelona, Cape Town, London, Rio…all of them sound fabulous, but Paris and Barcelona are two of my favorite places in the world. I’ve considered moving to both (and then considered my bank account).

I took the quiz, and what did I get? Portland. Portland! I mean, I do live in Cedar Park, which is pretty much a mini Portland, but does shopping at Mariposa Co-op condemn me to comfortable shoes and farm stand yogurt? Sigh.

Take the quiz and see for yourself. (H/t to Joey Sweeney on Facebook.)

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