What the Cut, Style and Shape of Your Engagement Ring Means About You: A Glossary



I’m going to file this under Things We Obviously Don’t Really Believe But That Are Sure Fun to Look at, Anyway!

It’s a little glossary, of sorts, about what the various diamond cuts, shapes and engagement ring types and styles really mean. Like, about you. For instance, take this:

  • Marquise cut: The engagement and marriage are punctuated with chic and glamorous events, calling for many opportunities to play dress-up.

I do believe two things about diamonds and engagement rings. 1) The heart-shaped diamond is an abomination, and should be wiped out of existence. 2) If the engagement ring has been chosen well (yikes), it, at the very least, will probably pretty accurately reflect the bride’s style. Like, a round solitaire? She’s probably pretty classic. An emerald-cut is probably going to be on the finger of a ritzy lady. Whatever. Vague stuff like that.

But like I said, it’s super fun to look at! Take a look, and find your diamond’s cut and band’s type. Does it get it right, when it comes to you and your guy? Or completely silly?

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