Add A Decorative Touch To Your Table Settings With Cutlery Couture’s Burlap Silverware Pouches

This pouch doubles as a place card when labeled with each guest's name.

This pouch doubles as a place card when labeled with each guest’s name.

We’ve all been in situations—usually there’s a buffet involved—that test our ability to balance an overflowing plate of food, a drink, and a pile of silverware all while making our way back to the table unscathed. When at a wedding, this challenge also includes heels, which, as we know, often only complicates things further.

It’s at moments like this that Cutlery Couture—a locally-based company that creates adorable burlap pouches to decoratively store your silverware—comes in really handy. And since they just launched a weddings and special occasions collection, there’s no better time to place an order for your Big Day.

The brainchild of Philadelphian Petra Rowland, Cutlery Couture was inspired by both a visit to Europe and what Rowland noticed as a void in the market for decorative elements for silverware. She too has seen plenty of party guests struggle to juggle their plates and utensils, and decided that an elegant, fully-loaded pouch would be a fancy way to ease the situation.

And besides helping guests to not drop their forks on the way back to their seats, CC’s new wedding collection add a so-pretty finishing touch to the table settings at your affair. (We see them being absolutely perfect for an outdoor or tented soiree.) Opt for a simple, delicate design like the pouches accented with ribbons and tulle, or get creative with the pouches that have tiny chalkboard patches attached (these can double as place cards, too!). Rowland can even stamp each pouch with a bold monogram to match the color scheme of your day.

The pouches are sold per piece with a minimum order of 100, although a few of the designs are available in packages of eight. Shop the entire wedding collection here.

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