Philadelphia Declared Third Cheapest City for Out-of-Towners to Hold a Destination Wedding 

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Not too long ago, numbers from a study done by the Knot showed that Philadelphia was the tenth most expensive city to get married in the country. Well, apparently, that’s only if you live here—because another recent breakdown also declares us the third cheapest city in the country to hold a destination wedding.

This new analysis, done by, looked at a variety of factors in each city to determine how friendly it was for out-of-town wedding throwers: the general cost of hotels, food and entertainment; the music scene; whether or not there’s a hub airport which tend to have cheaper flights going through them; transportation costs; and state and local tax rates.

So apparently, if you are a Philadelphian, an average wedding in your home town will cost you about $40K. But if you are using our fair city for your destination nuptials, you are good to go. The study cites Philly’s relatively inexpensive accommodations and free historical attractions as a few of our gold stars.

So now you can tell your out-of-town wedding guests that they, at least, are getting one heck of a deal.

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