PW Reader Ring: Mallory & Greg!

Mallory’s ring!

The couple: Mallory Bonsall and Greg Adams from Thorndale.

The ring: The ring was Greg’s grandmother’s engagement ring. According to his mother, I was the only girlfriend of his that she approved of. She jokes that if it had been any other girl, she would have had a different ring.

When Greg’s grandmother passed away last year, Greg inherited the gorgeous ring. It is a gold band with a white gold setting, and has a round-cut diamond and two smaller diamonds on either side. Greg and I never went ring shopping, and clearly we never needed to. The ring is perfect for me!

The proposal: On our anniversary (4th of July), Greg took me to St. Peter’s village, where we had our first date. (And sure, to anyone else, this may seem obvious, but I wasn’t expecting it at all.) That day happened to be a particularly hot and muggy day and, it had rained the night before so the river was higher than usual.

We proceeded to play and hike for another hour and a half. I was so hot and tired that I was starting to get grumpy, and I was just ready to go home. At that point, I suggested we head to St. Peter’s Bakery, our favorite post-hike spot.

As we started to come back across the water, I noticed a huge rock that said “MARRY ME?” At first, I got butterflies in my stomach. But, almost instantly I realized that rock could have been there last time, and I had just forgotten or not seen it. I didn’t dare ask if it was for me. I was sure I’d seen it before. But as Greg started to lead me closer to the rock, I began to realize that it was for me!.

I hesitated as we reached the last rock. It was a big jump. But I knew that if I didn’t make it to that rock, it wasn’t happening. I finally took a leap of faith (figuratively and literally) and got to the rock. Greg took the ring out of his back pack and said, “Beyoncé told me if I like it I should put a ring on it. So …” His version is that I said yes before he could even ask or get down on one knee.

Once I stopped crying, he told me his friend had been there taking pictures of the whole thing and I started crying again. And then, he pointed out our parents watching on the deck of St. Peter’s Bakery and I really started sobbing. It was all so perfect! We still go by and see our rock sometimes. It’s starting to fade, but it’s so incredible to have left our mark.

Greg & Mallory's rock

Greg & Mallory’s rock

The band: I’m not entirely sure what I would like just yet—it’s such a unique ring that I am having trouble deciding. I would love suggestions! Greg, on the other hand, will be wearing his grandfather’s wedding band engraved with their initials and wedding date.

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