PW Reader Ring: Kirstin & Damian!

Kirsten's ring!

Kirsten’s ring!

The couple: Kirstin Knudson and Damian Del Pizzo from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is white gold with a round diamond and diamonds down both sides of the band. Absolutely timeless and beautiful. After he proposed, he told me that his mother wanted me to have the stone from her beautiful engagement ring. He got it set at his family’s jeweler in his hometown of Sarasota, Florida.

The proposal: I knew that we were getting engaged before Christmas, but I had no idea he was planning to do it on our vacation. We were in Florida visiting his family for the week, and on that Monday night he told me we were going to wake up early the next day to catch the sunrise on the beach.

We were on the beach by 7am the next morning, walking hand in hand and just talking. When we turned around to head back towards the car, he handed me a paper to read. Since we’re both big Eagles fans, and he knew I wanted to get a Del Pizzo jersey, he included three pictures: a #18 jersey with my last name, and two jerseys with Del Pizza on the back, #11 and #29. Below the pictures, he included text messages from when we first started dating. They were our first few messages after our first date where he told me how he felt about me.

On the second page, there were a few more text messages, and then: “10/29/2008: the day the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series and the happiest day of my life,” and “10/29/2013: the day I asked Kirstin Cassidy Knudson to be my wife and the day I become the happiest man on Earth.” Since his favorite number is 11, and mine is 18, he added them together for our proposal date.

As I got to the end of the page, the tears started filling up and he got down on one knee and told me he loved me more than anything in the world. I sat on his knee and hugged him and we both cried. It was a beautiful moment. He then placed the ring on my finger and told me how special it was, and showed me that he also included a saying in Italian on the band: “T’Amo Sempre,” which means “I will love you always.”

The band: Of course I’ve already thought about what I want my wedding band to look like. Originally I thought to get a band which matches the side stones but because the ring glitters and means so much alone, I’m now thinking of getting a simple, plain white gold band.

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