Graphic: See What Percentage of Pennsylvanians Are Married (And How We Compare to Other States!)

Thanks to the peeps over at HuffPo, we’re well versed on how wedding costs in Pennsylvania stack up against those in other states (read: they’re on the higher side).

Financials aside, though, their latest chart reveals that we here in PA are actually closer to average when it comes to comparing the percentage of each state’s population that’s married. (Now, let’s note that for some reason, the way the Census crunches numbers is to poll people of 15 years and older, and last time we checked, there aren’t very many-15 year-olds rushing to the alter—but still.)

Considering Utah tops the list with only 57 percent, our 49 percent isn’t too shabby in comparison. Have a look below—and go here for more on the aforementioned number-crunching.

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