Try to Answer the US Immigration Marriage Interview Questions With Your Fiance: Would You Pass? 

QUICK: What color is your fiance's toothbrush?



Just like in the movies (remember the questions being asked as the credits roll at the end of The Proposal?), when an American marries a non-American here in this country, the green card application involves an actual in-person sit-down with someone from Immigration in order to confirm, basically, that you are marrying each other for reals-for reals and not just to get the green card.

Buzzfeed gathered together a sampling of the types of questions that are asked in said interview, and they have us wondering: If you don’t live together, do you know on what day your fiance’s trash gets picked up?

Many of these questions are designed to trip up anyone who is just blatantly doing the green card-marriage thing, of course—but some of them … we don’t know. We’re not so sure even the most legitimate of couples could score a 100 on this thing.

Take it! How’d you guys do?

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