11 More Wedding Traditions It’s Totally Okay to Skip



It’s funny: On one hand, wedding traditions are such a lovely way to create memories, and come with the opportunity to honor those who did them before you—we doubt you’ll ever regret that you did the whole cake-cutting ceremony, using the same cake knife that your great-grandparents used at their wedding to cut the first slice of cake that you then shoved up your new spouse’s nose, resulting in perhaps the best picture of the day.

But on the other hand, we do often see them causing couples stress: what if the bride doesn’t want to do the bouquet toss? What if his parents want to chip in for the wedding, and yours for the rehearsal dinner? And what if you’d rather have a wedding-day pie?

Basically, we always say, as long as everyone is communicating their wishes and working with each other politely and all general realms of etiquette are in place, do what you want. And more importantly, don’t do what you don’t want to do. Who cares if he doesn’t publicly remove your garter and toss it at his boys? The world will most definitely go on.

That’s why we love a good roundup of traditions that yes, brides, you can absolutely toss out the window if you so choose We shared one with you before, and today, we’re sharing one with you again.

What time-honored wedding things are you going to skip on your Big Day?

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