10 Wedding Traditions It’s Totally Okay to Skip



Just last week, I was referring to how few bouquet tosses we see anymore at weddings—and today, I came across this post on SheFinds detailing just a few of the more antiquated wedding trends that, if you don’t feel like doing, are totally okay to skip right over.

You’ll have to take a look and see for yourself. Some of them, I’m not sure I’d give up, even you’re not exactly enthused about them at the moment. (While it might be tempting to skip the first dance, won’t you want there to be a song that, for the rest of your life, zooms you back to that moment?) Though some of them—like the aforementioned bouquet toss?—sure, go ahead and, um, toss it.

The point is, if you’re not into something, you shouldn’t feel like you have to do it just because it’s, like, a wedding thing, and brides have been doing or wearing or saying whatever it is since the beginning of time. Do what you want.

Well, unless it’ll make your mom freak out.

Take a look. 

Which of these time-honored traditions are you going to forego at your wedding? 

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