PW Reader Ring: Kate & Jon!

Kate's ring!

Kate’s ring!

The couple: Kate Toy & Jon Bettner from Mount Laurel.

The ring: My fiance and I designed my ring with Sal from Canzi Creations on Jewelers’ Row. I knew that I wanted a two-toned ring, and, with so many friends engaged or nearly engaged, something different. After a few design sessions it wound up being a yellow-gold intertwined band set with pave diamonds, with a cushion-cut center stone and a white-gold pave-diamond halo.

My mom took one look at it and said, “It’s you,” but to me, it’s us. I get to look down at my ring and have great memories of Jon and I designing it together, and him saying—probably for the first and last time—”Get anything you want.” (And who doesn’t want to hear that when you’re picking out diamonds?” Even though designing the ring took a little but of the surprise away, Jon knew that when he officially asked I would still love it.

The proposal: Last Memorial Day weekend, we were planning a BBQ on Sunday, so we spent all day Saturday doing yard work and things around the house to prep for the party. That night Jon suggested getting dinner in the city. He said he had a gift card to the Sansom Street Oyster House, and since we weren’t spending the weekend down the Shore this year, I thought going out for seafood was a fun compromise.

We ordered cold beers and lobster rolls. and over dinner. Jon suggested going to the Happy Rooster for drinks (which we went to following dinner on our first date about three years before; looking back ,the night had “engagement” written all over it.) We got to the Happy Rooster and headed straight for the back room, which is always dead, and has been the setting to a few of our favorite low-key nights out. Except that night, it was pretty crowded—even by the Rooster’s standards. We grabbed two stools at the end of the bar, and Jon started chatting about how long we’ve been dating and how happy I make him. The next thing I knew he was down on one knee, holding out an engagement ring and asking me to make him happy for the rest of his life.

Jon had arranged for my parents and best friends to come meet us (they were waiting at a bar down the street), the bartender was pouring us champagne, and patrons were buying us drinks and toasting our engagement—but it was all still perfectly low key. We were in the back room of a dive-ish bar that I walked by every day on my way to work—never in a million years did I think it would be the scene of our engagement. And even better—our BBQ the next day was basically an engagement party. Everyone who came knew that he was proposing the day before, so they came ready to celebrate. When Jon and I first talked about getting married, I told him that I didn’t care how, where, or when he proposed—I just wanted all of our family and friends there right after to celebrate. He nailed it.

The band: I’ll have two bands, also made by Sal. Both will be white gold with pave diamonds. They’ll fit along either side of my engagement ring. Since I won’t be able to wear the bands without the engagement ring (I think they’ll look a bit weird since they’re curved) I’ve hinted a few times to my fiancé that I’d like a thin amethyst and yellow-gold eternity band that I can wear should I ever not want to wear my engagement and wedding bands. Amethyst is the birthstone of February, the month we’re getting married.

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