Newlyweds Get Into Drunken Fight on Plane Ride to Honeymoon; Groom Gets Kicked Off While Bride Continues On to Destination



For today’s wedding-related What Not to Do PSA, we turn to the story of a bride and groom who got into a drunken fight on the plane that was taking them from Atlanta, where they had just tied the knot, to Costa Rica, where they were set to bask in their newlywed love on their honeymoon.

Apparently the groom was a bit more animated in this particular screaming match, because the Delta pilot decided to land on Grand Cayman and give him the boot before continuing on—(this is my favorite part) with the bride still on board—to Costa Rica.

And while it looks like her new husband will get slapped with drunk and disorderly, we can only imagine it is a fraction of what’ll be coming his way if he ever joins his bride on their would-be ‘moon. Oof.

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