PW Reader Ring: Bansi & Trey!

Bansi's ring!

Bansi’s ring!

The couple: Bansi Mithani and Edward Oscar Doescher (Trey), from Voorhees.

The ring: Trey’s grandfather was a jeweler who retired 15 years ago, but one of his good friends, Paul Stone, is still in the business and helped Trey with the ring. Trey and I went to look at settings, and I pointed out a few designs that I liked, and then Trey worked with Paul to come up with the final design. Paul actually found the stone at the Las Vegas Gem Show, where it was being shown by an Israeli diamond house, and called Trey to tell him that he had found a wonderful stone. The end result is a round center diamond with a diamond halo in a platinum setting.

The proposal: One Friday last summer, Trey was supposed to pick me up from work, and then we were going to go to Rochester for his younger brother’s graduation party. I had just finished with my last patient when my receptionist handed me an envelope with two notes inside.

The first note declared the four steps to becoming a princess: 1) Ride in style to your castle. 2) Be pampered. 3) Wine and dine like royalty. 4) Be showered with diamonds. The other note confirmed that we were not going to Rochester that night, and that instead, a royal evening was about to begin.

As soon as I finished reading the note, a black car arrived. The whole time we were driving, my eyes were darting around the Philadelphia skyline, trying to guess what building I was heading to. When the car finally stopped, I got out and looked at the castle in front of me: the Ritz-Carlton. On with the treasure hunt!

At the front desk, champagne and another note were waiting for me—this one granting me a massage at the hotel’s luxurious spa! It was amazing, and when I opened my eyes afterwards, another note was presented to me. This one guided me to a suite on the top floor, and when I swung open the door, I wasn’t sure what to look at first: From the floor to the ceiling, there were pictures of Trey and I, flowers, and candles. Pictures of us and some of our favorite songs were on the television. And finally, my eyes fixed on a beautiful orange gown and pair of princess shoes arranged on the bed. I was so stunned I couldn’t move, but then I realized: The faster I got ready, the faster the next surprise would get there.

I texted Trey to let him know I was primped—and ready to become Mrs. Doescher!—and he swiftly arrived at the door with a service cart filled with a feast for two. We dined on all our favorite foods and wine, and I nervously nibbled my way to dessert.

From underneath the table, Trey pulled out a box of Georgetown Cupcakes—my favorite!—and then there I was, finally at the end of my treasure hunt. When I opened the box, words spelled out: Will you marry me? And when I looked up, my prince charming was down on one knee.

The band: I’m not sure what type of band I want. I think I’m leaning towards doing an eternity band on either side that would work with the shape of my engagement ring. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!!

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