Study: Long Commutes Make for Road Rage-Filled Marriages, Eventual Divorce



Yesterday, as Janus really dug in its heels over our area, it took one of my friends six hours to get home to the city from her job in Malvern. As she sat on 202 for the better part of three hours, one of her texts read, “Ready to murder someone.” She eventually just stopped texting, as even her iPhone’s penchant for autocorrect was starting to send her over the edge.

So you can see how daily road rage might make for repeated unpleasant evenings in a home where one or both members of the household have a long commute.

And that’s exactly what a new study from Swedish researchers who followed married couples for ten years claims is true: If it takes you or your partner more than 45 minutes to commute to and from work, your marriage is 40 percent more likely to fail. You know, just in case you needed another thing to consider as you try to figure out where you’ll live once you tie the knot.

They do point out (ahem, not surprisingly, we might venture), that if the lady is the one suffering the long commute, the marriage has a better chance of surviving than if it’s the dude who’s getting furious day in and day out—and they also say that either way, if y’alls can survive the first five years of your hellish commutes without going your separate ways, you’re more likely to brush off your daily traffic rage and live happily ever after. So, at least there’s that milestone to look forward to.

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