People Are Pumped to Get Married on 11/12/13

PW-wedding ring exchange shutterstockI have to admit, I hadn’t thought of this even once until I read it in a sentence the other day: This upcoming Tuesday, November 12, 2013, is the second-to-last “consecutive” date (11/12/13) that will happen in this century—and therefore, you know, in our lifetime.

And because of this, says an article in the New York Daily News, people are on it to get married on this day, weird Tuesday weddings be damned. The estimated number is somewhere nearing 2,500.

As the article mentions, it’s the David’s Bridal people who started really keeping track of this stuff when, as 7/7/07 neared, they noticed that a lot of people were planning to get married that day—some 66,000. And since then, they’ve noticed that people really love dates with certain patterns—and from where I sit, I have to agree: People love a “cool” date or a date that has some outside significance completely unrelated to the couple. And these consecutive-series dates are especially popular.

Next year, by the way—12/13/14—the very last date like this in this century, falls on a Saturday, so wowzers is that going to be huge. If you like this sort of thing, you had better get booking.

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