Forgetful Groom Leaves Bride at Gas Station on Honeymoon

Seriously, what is HAPPENING with grooms this week?



I don’t know what’s going on with grooms this week, but they sure are setting themselves up to hear it for the rest of their lives from their new wives.

Earlier this week, we had the story of the groom who realized on his wedding day that he had forgotten to book the venue—and so he called in a bomb threat to the place, instead of, you know, telling his bride what he had done. (Or not done.)

And now today, we have the story of the groom who, with his  bride, stopped at a gas station on the way home from their honeymoon—and then promptly drove off without her, only noticing that brand new wife wasn’t with him after he had driven happily and peacefully and quietly along for nearly three hours. Oops.

In his defense (I guess), she had apparently been sleeping in the back, and had gotten out to use the restroom while he was off doing—I don’t know, something—at the gas station. As for how, though, he didn’t notice there wasn’t a human-sized form stretched across the back seat when he returned, or why this couple apparently does not use cell phones, I do not even have a guess.

Good luck to them.

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