5 Tips For Keeping Your Sex Life Hot After Your Wedding

PW-couple in bed shutterstockSo obviously, even if the sex on your wedding night isn’t anything to write home about, the two of you are going to be making up for it—well, first, on the honeymoon, obv—the rest of your lives. And the rest of your lives is a long time, yes? So who among us couldn’t use a few pointers on how to make sure that doesn’t, you know, get old?

We saw this great article on HuffPo by intimacy and sex counselor Mary Jo Rapini that not only hits the nail on the head about the different perspectives and attitudes men and women have concerning sex (which are kind of important in your quest to navigate this realm with another person for the next four or so decades), it offers 5 specific tips for making sure your sex life stays exciting and interesting and, well, good, throughout your married life.

Give it a read. Keep it in mind.

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