PHOTOS: 10 Gorgeous, Fashion-Forward Wedding Cakes You’ll Want from Philly’s Whipped Bakeshop

Zoe Lukas’s sketchbook, where she dreams up new cake designs for Whipped Bakeshop.

This season, Philadelphia’s Whipped Bakeshop decided to put a lookbook together—yes, à la a fashion house—of their “2014 Cake Collection,” to kind of showcase some of the cake designs they’ve been working on, as well as their general skill and creativity.

Yesterday, that collection was displayed at an event at Saks Fifth Avenue to celebrate the launch of French design house Courrèges at the iconic department store—and I was there, and it was lovely. And my first thought, as soon as I finished stuffing myself with Whipped’s mini lemon cupcakes, salted caramel brownies, violet macarons and vanilla-buttermilk petit fours (yes, I had more than one of each—what?), was that Philly’s brides absolutely had to see these cakes.

And so, Philly’s brides, here you go! Whipped Bakeshop’s 2014 collection of cake designs, offered by bakery owner/baker/designer Zoë Lukas to excite and inspire. And I have no doubt they will. Which one’s your fave? Ours changes every time we look.

All photos by Courtney Apple.

The Blackberry Dot cake

The Lichen Pop cake

The Scandinavian Folk cake

The Azure Tile cake

The Painting Without Numbers cake

The Petite Prints Trio

The Flora cake

The Framed Papillon cake

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