VIDEO: Groom Records Wedding Day With Tiny Camera on His Glasses

Because Michael Kammes, the groom in question in the below videos, is not only a self-proclaimed geek, but a tech consultant to the entertainment industry, he decided to use his own wedding a try a fun, geeked-out experiment: strapping an itty-bitty video camera to his glasses, thereby capturing the entire day from his literal point of view. He explains it all (with commentary from his obviously tolerant wife) here:

And then here is his actual wedding video! I started it, but honestly, I didn’t finish it, as I started to get extreme motion sickness just sitting here at my desk. It’s got that Blair Witch Project/Cloverfield thing going on that just doesn’t work for me—but hey, if you can handle that, it’s kinda interesting to watch! Maybe he’ll start a trend. After all, we’ve heard of brides hiding cameras in their bouquets. Who knows?

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