Brides and Grooms: Please Do Not Do These 8 Things at Your Wedding Reception

Brides and Grooms: Please Do Not Do These 8 Things at Your Wedding Reception


I have a friend who was once a bridesmaid in the wedding of a girl who she was surprised asked her to be a bridesmaid. On the Monday morning after the wedding, she came into my office to tell me of several bizarre stories, including one part that she just couldn’t fathom had actually happened: The bride and groom had made off, before the wedding was over, with all of their gifts and cards, and, having vanished from their own reception, sat on the floor in another room far away from where the party was happening and opened all of them, tallying the monetary gifts while their DJ still played for their guests.

My friend literally watched this happen in horror, not sure how to stop it. She says the bride’s mother half-heartedly suggested they go back to their reception and do that later, but it was no use. This was what they cared about at that moment, and that was that.

What that was—aside from horrifying—my dear readers, was a shocking combo of numbers 3, 7 and 8.

Because the thing is, while all 8 items on this list of things brides and grooms should not do at their receptions may seem like common sense, I think we can all probably agree that we have heard stories (ahem, see above) that prove that assumption wrong. And that makes them worth reiterating. And sharing.

Oh, and number 1? My pet peeve. Don’t let any of these things happen to your guests.

Anyone ever experience something at a wedding that isn’t on this list but should be?

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