More and More Couples Are Live Streaming Their Wedding

Like, a LOT more.

More and More Couples Are Live Streaming Their Wedding


Last summer, after the finale of Happy Endings in which Penny finds herself the only actual person at a “Skype table” at a friend’s wedding, we started looking into the concept of live-streaming your wedding, and found that it was actually a thing. There were several options of services that could do it for you, and it was starting to become a real way to include people—like infirm or far-flung guests, say—who couldn’t make it to your wedding.

Well apparently, it’s taken off, because in the past year since just about when we wrote about it—May 2012 to May 2013—the amount of wedding webcasts has gone up by 250 percent, up to about 20,000. We here in the US are the most enthusiastic nuptial streamers, followed by India, England, Australia and Canada, says Ustream, one of the many companies out there that provides this particular service.

So would you do it? Anyone out there know for sure that they will be broadcasting their wedding? Why?

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