Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: My Bachelorette Party!

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: My Bachelorette Party!

Just one of the fun details from Kristy's bachelorette party.

I’ll admit that early on, my ladies and I planned an epic bachelorette party in our heads. Not Vegas, but something a little more girlie and relaxing: Napa Valley, CA. I just happen to have a few connections out there, as my sister lives and works in Sonoma in the wine industry, and with one of my best friends and bridesmaids tying the knot just weeks before me, the idea of a double bridal shower started to surface.

Time, though, our dwindling budgets, and some unexpected yet amazing surprises (my other sister expecting a baby and becoming an aunt for the first time!) ended up bringing our dreams of daytime vineyard hopping to a screeching halt before we even had a chance to look up flights. But I was completely ok with all of this, because more than anything, I just wanted to spend quality time with my favorite ladies. At the end of this past weekend, my expectations were not only fulfilled, but overwhelmed. With some careful planning by my bridesmaid, Jess, and assistance from my mom, sister, and friends, the weekend was a perfect farewell to my singledom.

When Jess approached me about what I wanted to do for my final farewell, of course I had to include an activity of sort. I had a few ideas, but wasn’t leaning towards one in particular. I had recently attended a birthday party at a bowling alley—it was an adult bowling experience with drinks, shenanigans, and food—and had an amazing time with friends. There was also a new store that opened around the corner from me in East Falls, Foodie University, which offers BYOB baking and cooking classes for groups of adults. I knew, though, that I could leave everything up to Jess because she’s an amazing planner.

Saturday night, ladies from all different parts and times of my life gathered at Jess’s apartment downtown. Jess had her place decked out in our wedding colors and had lots of girly treats. There were yellow-and-grey pompoms hanging from the ceilings, light-up rings in a basket on the table, bachelorette-inspired games, and little party favors (cocktail mixers with goodies inside) for all the girls. We met, caught up, chatted about life, and of course, our quickly approaching wedding. There was a spread at the house—a lot of the ladies contributed with snacks, cookies, dips, drinks, games, and of course, lots of love and smiles. That alone would have kept me happy for the night, but the evening continued.

Next up: Lucky Strike on Chestnut Street for some competitive bowling. We had two teams and everyone was required to make a bachelorette-inspired name using their initials as a basis, so you can only imagine the very appropriate selections we had on the board. We ended up doing a package for two or so hours for as many games as we’d like to play and it included rentals, food, and drinks. The conclusion of the evening was more debauchery at Jess’s house and a slumber party. The next morning we took our time, reminiscing about the night before and then headed to brunch at More Than Just Ice Cream with a bottle of Prosecco for some morning mimosas to accompany our delicious brunch.

And, to wrap up the weekend, the girls treated me to a mani/pedi to start my beauty regimen before our wedding. All and all it wasn’t about what we did—although I had a blast the entire weekend—but that I was surrounded by ladies who love me and who are so excited for me to begin my married life with Eric. You also realize during your engagement how important your friends are to your well-being and growth, and I’m so appreciative of their love, wisdom and truth. Thank you ladies for making me feel like a princess for the weekend!

What did you do for you final farewell with your girlfriends? Were there any surprises?

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