Don’t Make These 12 Wedding-Planning Mistakes

Also, don't feel bad: Nearly every bride is guilty of at least a few of these.

Don't Make These 12 Wedding-Planning Mistakes


Well, I’m not sure I could have hopped up on my wedding soapbox any better myself: Saw this great post today on 12 wedding-planning mistakes that nearly every bride makes and liked it so much, I’m passing it along that you might only make between one and three of them, instead of a rather large handful.

From budget stuff and bridezilla stuff to procrastination, weight loss and over-serving your guests, it pretty much covers the gamut of wedding-planning pitfalls that are so easy to make—it’s why so many people do!—but also, honestly, so easy to avoid. Check ’em out, and be an A+ bride.

What other “mistakes” have you heard about from friends who have gone before you that you are determined to avoid on your Big Day?

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