Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: Our RSVPs Are Coming In!

Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: Our RSVPs Are Coming In!


Last week, Sean and I got our invitations in the mail. With a cramped right hand, I was more than happy to pass off our invitations to the postal worker to be sent out into the world.

As soon as the next day, I was already getting texts from friends who had received the invitations and were very kind with their reviews. What a relief! I was so glad to know that USPS was able to decipher my falligraphy (that’s fake calligraphy, if you were wondering) that I didn’t even think about what would happen next.

On Monday, I checked the mailbox on my way into our apartment complex, and envelopes upon envelopes fell out at my feet. “What the heck?” I thought. “Someone’s mail must have gotten mixed up with ours!” But as I leafed through the envelopes, many addressed to “Carly and Sean” in my very own pink calligraphy, I realized that the RSVPs were already coming in! You’d think, after addressing 100 return envelopes, it wouldn’t be a suprise that our mailbox would be fuller than normal. But, for some reason that never occurred to me!

Once the realization hit that these envelopes contained the RSVPs for our wedding, I felt my heart begin to race with excitement! I ran up the stairs to our apartment, threw down my purse and started tearing open the envelopes. We got 10 RSVPs that first day—all yeses! Some with very sweet notes written with their response.

Each day since, I’ve approached the mailbox with a heightened level of excitement! We’ve gotten about a quarter of our response cards back, and are seeing a lot of yeses, which just adds to the excitement. This wedding is really happening—people are coming, I’ve got the RSVP cards to prove it! 50 days and counting, woohoooo!

Did getting your RSVPs in make your wedding seem extra real? Did you do anything special to save them?

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