3 Important Tips For Having Your Pet In Your Wedding

3 Important Tips For Having Your Pet In Your Wedding

Yuri Arcurs

Whether the little guy belongs to either the bride or the groom or is jointly owned and raised, so many couples these days are using their pets in some way on their wedding day. Sometimes they’re given actual roles (ring bearer!) and sometimes they’re just there as an adorable addition to photos (they are part of the family, after all), but either way, there are definitely a few things you should think about if Fluffy is going to be involved in your Big Day at all.

This piece we saw today makes a few great points. Namely, that: 1) You need someone to be in charge of your furry little buddy, and that person needs to not be you. 2) You need to check with your venue about their rules concerning pets, and then make sure you follow them. 3) You need to see who among your peeps—both guests and vendors—are allergic to various cuddly little animals. If your photog is wildly allergic to dogs, that is going to majorly impact your little photo session.

It goes on to give a few ideas for how to incorporate your pet into your wedding day—all fun ideas! Check ’em out.

Are you going to be bringing your pet along on your wedding day? What will they be doing? And more importantly, what will they be wearing?

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