VIDEO: Some Brides Plan Their Weddings Years Before Even Meeting Their Grooms

By the time they’re actually planning their weddings, many girls might have at least a vague picture in their minds of the type of celebration they want to have. Whether it’s that they want to wear lace or that they want to get married barefoot on the beach or that they simply must carry white roses, which have been their favorite since the age of seven, they’ve got something to go on.

And then there are other girls who pretty much only have to sign a few contracts, and they’re good to go. Because they already have their weddings planned before they become engaged.

Because they already have their weddings planned before they even meet the dude.

There was an article in the New York Times this past weekend in which we hear from some of these ladies. It seems that wedding stuff—like us, hi, yes, they mean outlets like us—is so out there these days in the form of magazines and TV shows and the Internet—that’s it’s all kind of acted as this type of perfect-storm enabler for ladies who might otherwise just be daydreaming about all this stuff.

Good Morning America followed the article up with a segment on this whole thing, complete with a clip of the scene in Friends where Monica finally unveils to Chandler the wedding binder she has had her whole life, because there’s not a situation in this world that does not somehow relate to something that happened on Friends. Watch it here.

How much of your wedding had you thought of—or actually had planned—by the time you were engaged? ‘Fess up in the comments!

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