Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: In a Wedding-Planning Lull (I Think!)

Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: In a Wedding-Planning Lull (I Think!)


It recently occurred to me that I have a little over five months to go before my wedding. As I came to this realization, I felt a sense of both excitement and shock. It went something like this: YAY! Our wedding is SO SOON! …YIKES! Our wedding is so soon!

My experience with wedding planning at first was very hurry, hurry, hurry: Hurry up and make a guest list. Hurry up and find a venue/caterer. Hurry up and take engagement photos so that you can make and send your get save-the-dates. I think I was out of breath for the first three months of our engagement.

Now we are in month seven with five to go, and I sort of feel like there’s so much to do and nothing to do all at once. There are some larger to-do items I still need to tackle like choosing our reception music (we’re still debating band vs. DJ) and picking a florist (there are just so many to choose from!), but outside those things, there isn’t a whole lot that needs to be done. So as I sit here twiddling my thumbs looking back to the summer of hurry I wonder, am I missing something?

I work much better when I am busy. I tend to do my best work when I am rushing around trying to accomplish a lot at once. It’s during the downtime where I find myself easily distracted and consequently, less productive. I am, very contrastingly, both a planner and a procrastinator. I like to think ahead, make to-do lists, and add events to my calendar. But, when it comes to accomplishing these planned items I can always find an excuse to put them off, especially when I have plenty of time to do them. So now that the excited rush of the first few months of our engagement has settled to jogging pace, I find myself looking ahead and pushing off simultaneously.

I know the next step is to seek out and book a florist. With that said, I’m not quite sure where to start (hence my frenemy procrastination sneaks in). So I’m open to advice: Do I make a few calls and ask for quotes? Do I need to schedule a few appointments and actually visit the florists? What’s the first move? Help me fend off procrastination and keep the ball rolling as I head to, I’m certain, much busier times ahead. Times when I’ll be really glad I accomplished some tasks during this lull.

Did you hit a lull? How did you handle it? Ideas of things I can get done now and thank myself for later?

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