New App Teaches Guys How to Propose

New App Teaches Guys How to Propose


Did you get engaged over the holidays? Did your guy come up with how he did it all by himself? Perhaps with the aid of some of your family and closet friends? Or did he use the brand new app from Helzberg Diamonds to do it? Do you even know? Hmm.

So this new app, Proposal Pro, offers a multitude of services when it comes to helping a dude figure out to propose. And while the thought of a guy actually using most of these services, I will openly admit, makes me rather nervous—figuring out how to ask her parents for their blessing, deciding on a location and the right words to say, for crying out loud, when proposing, etc. (like, what?)—there is one part of it that I actually think is a pretty great service: It lets you drop one of soon-to-be bride-to-be’s rings onto the screen, and it’ll announce her ring size.

That, I’ve always thought, is actually one of the trickier logistical obstacles a guy must overcome before he proposes. If he doesn’t already know her ring size, he’s really either got to figure out a way to nab one of her ring-finger rings and take it to get it sized without her noticing it’s gone, or wing it and then get it resized afterwards—which is doable, of course, but then he’s got to pry a diamond off of a girl’s hand who’s just gotten it, and that’s not really a pleasant we-just-got-engaged task for any guy to have to contend with.

Plus, it’s a free app, so, you know, there’s that. If you know a guy who’s thinking of proposing, give him a tip about the ring-sizing thing. Just please request that he doesn’t regurgitate words fed to him by a friggin’ app when he asks his beloved to spend the rest of her life with him.

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