How To Tie a Bow Tie: An Illustrated Guide For Your Groom

Hand this over to your dude.

How To Tie a Bow Tie: An Illustrated Guide For Your Groom


I was at a wedding recently where I watched (and kind of chuckled as) my friend, a bow-tie connoisseur and tie-er extraordinaire, tied the bow tie of a man he had never met. Why this man had gotten so far as the pre-ceremony cocktails with his tie dangling uselessly at at his neck I don’t know, but it’s lucky my friend, with this particular expertise of his, was nearby, and was able to come to the rescue.

It’s probably because that memory was created so recently that this cute little guide from BHLDN caught my eye today. It’ll show your groom—and his groomsmen, and both your dads, and, well, any male guest, really—how, exactly, to tie his own bow tie (which is, of course, much more respectable on his wedding day, as opposed to rocking some clip-on joint), complete with handily illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Just print it out and hand it on over!

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