Tips For How To Keep Your Bridal Diet On Track During The Holidays

Tips For How To Keep Your Bridal Diet On Track During The Holidays


So you know how every single time the holiday season rolls around, you just know deep down in your heart that even if you’ve been managing to work out regularly and eat healthy and do everything right, you are undoubtedly going to get completely and totally derailed by, oh, let’s see—the constant parties, the constant trays of treats that just magically show up on your office, the constant goodies up for sampling in the stores, the seemingly constantly uncorked bottles of champagne, etc., etc., etc.?

Well, we know that if you are currently full steam ahead on your get-dress-ready diet, that you are probably extra nervous about this upcoming scenario, now that it’s November and everything. And to that we say: Thanks for the tip, Be Well Philly!

On Saturday, November 17, Thrive Pilates in Philadelphia is hosting a workshop on how to get through the holidays without packing on the pounds—but also, without depriving yourself. And for the pointers and motivation you’ll get, sounds like a good two hours and $25 bucks well worth it.

More deets here. Happy partying! You’re still gonna rock that dress.

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